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Themed Events & Experiential Campaigns

Updated: Jan 7, 2020

Smirnoff Comic Book Party

Smirnoff Comic Book Party July, 2010, Toronto, Andrew Richards Design, The Loft Space

The environment featured a comic book style narrative that followed guests from the street entrance into the party upstairs and followed the guest's unfolding story throughout the night. Custom animated comic panels were created along with a custom designed projection screen in the style of a comic book panel for the DJ booth. Special lighting was designed to create the illusion of comic book shading on the guests and the environment. A live Twitter feed was projected in one lounge area, where partygoers' tweets would show up instantly on the wall, and a live drawing photo area was also set up using video projection to capture photographs of guests as if they were part of the comic. DJ Deadmau5 performed. Projected behind the DJ booth, ghostly sheer panels from the ceiling as well as onto the huge window panels that covered the entire south wall, creating an immersive atmosphere emphasizing the mood, color and theme of the event. Design/VFX company, mixMotion Visuals

Buffy the Vampire Slayer 20th Reunion Event

Buffy the Vampire Slayer 20th Reunion Event @ San Diego Comic-Con

Buffy the Vampire 20th Reunion Fan Event at San Diego Comic-Con was held at Side Bar Nightclub in San Diego for the 20th anniversary of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the 20th Century Fox and Mutant Enemy Productions/Joss Whedon TV series. Featured at the event, a Buffy Fandom Feud Trivia Contest, a Buffy Cosplay contest, fan performed improv, re-enacting scenes from the series, table-top board game competitions from Jasco Games, an interactive wall-sized Buffy coloring book with pages from Dark Horse where fans created a digital mosaic.

A Buffy themed band and a DJ performed. Food and Beverages included a Buffy 20th anniversary cake, character themed appetizers and “signature Slayer drinks”. Photo opps and performances from The Gentlemen from the Emmy winning episode “Hush.” Lots of swag including the book Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Official Grimoire, and exclusive spell from the book in a small glass vial.

The IT Haunted House Experience

The "It Experience: Neibolt House Hollywood" is a haunted house dedicated to the terrifying world of Stephen King's It.

To celebrate the release of the 2017 IT movie, we built a haunted house experience in the corner of Hollywood Blvd and Vine St. in Hollywood, California. The house is an exact replica of the one used in both the 2017 movie and IT: CHAPTER TWO in theaters September 6, 2019.

It's Alive! Classic Horror and Sci-Fi Art from the Kirk Hammett Collection

It's Alive! Classic Horror and Sci-Fi Art was debuted in August 2017 at the Peabody Essex Museum (PEM) in Salem, Massachusetts. Kirk Hammett, best know as the lead guitarist for Metallica, is also an avid collector of classic horror and sci-fi movie posters. This exhibition features 90 works that provide insight into the evolution of horror and sci-fi films and how they have played upon contemporary societal fears. Hammett acknowledges his poster collection as a source of inspiration for his own musical creativity. The exhibition, on view August 12 through November 26, 2017, features film posters as well as collectible electric guitars, monsters masks and sculptures.

The video is from a press reception for It's Alive! Classic Horror & Sci-Fi Art from the Kirk Hammett Collection. Music by Kirk Hammett and Lani Hammett, "Maiden and the Monster", string arrangement by Blake Neely, drums performed by Marcel Feldmar, recorded by Mike Giles, mixed by Greg Fidelman, 2017 Copyright Kirk Hammett.



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