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Podcast: Mapping Harry Potter UK

Updated: Aug 9, 2019

Jake Essoe, co-host of The Harold & Maudecast, and I traveled throughout the UK searching, and mapping all of the filming locations for the Harry Potter films. We began in London visiting St. Pancras Station and Platform 9 & 3/4, saw the real-life Hogwart's Library, Duke Humfrey's at Bodleian Library Oxford, traveled to Edinburgh and throughout the Scottish Highlands where we caught a ride on the Hogwart's Express, saw Tom Riddle's grave and scouted the grounds surrounding Hagrid's hut.

Listen to our Epic Trek below or on iTunes, track #36 Epic Trek: Mapping Harry Potter

Here's a glimpse at the locations we found and other amazing places to visit on our epic trek through the UK. Click on the links for a map link.

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