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Walker Stalker Con Night 1: The Walking Dead Experience

Updated: Aug 9, 2019

The Walking Dead Experience is here! That's here in Atlanta at Walker Stalker Con.

Walker Stalker Con, in partnership with Robert Kirkman’s Skybound Entertainment, will unveil THE WALKING DEAD EXPERIENCE – CHAPTER 1, an immersive attraction created by director Michael Counts, at the 2015 Atlanta WALKER STALKER CON, October 30-November 1 at the Georgia World Congress Center.

The Walking Dead Experience – Chapter 1 is a 30 minute full-throttle immersive attraction that drops audiences straight into the chaotic and terrifying world of the Walking Dead. Experienced in small (7 person) audience groups, Chapter 1 sends participants on an adventure through the edge of a small town on the night the outbreak hit – the night zombies began their rampage and the social order began to unravel.

It's media night at Walker Stalker Con! Those of us lucky enough to catch a glimpse of The Walking Dead Experience: Chapter 1, were treated to an in-depth introduction to the attraction by James Frazier, Walker Stalker Con Founder and Director and Michael Counts.

James Frazier, founder of Walker Stalker & Director, Michael Counts

The experience is unlike any other similar maze experience as it is designed specifically for Walking Dead fans allowing them to be engaged in the action. Small groups of seven at a time, enter the first room and are instantly presented with random challenges. These directives are given amidst the freighting atmosphere created. It's the first night of the apocalypse, all hell is breaking lose, but nobody really knows what is happening. You've got to think quick on your feet while dodging zombies, and other threats. How would you handle the stress?

A woman is bound to a wall as a man lies on a couch. At first glance, it appears he is sleeping off the beers he just drank but on further examination, you realize he's missing his guts. And it's possible, you may have to go fishing into those guts to find the key to unlocking your way out of the room...or not.

The maze continues as you enter an department store where we meet our hero who is fending off a cage of zombies.

A combination of the new "mystery rooms" craze plus haunted house, The Walking Dead Experience: Chapter One, is thrilling, terrifying and engaging. It's designed to elicit many different responses and test your problem solving abilities as you are forced to work together with a group of strangers to safely navigate the outbreak of the zombie apocalypse.

Great fun, a few technical difficulties on this dry run but they will surely work all the kinks out for opening night. The actors are completely committed and the creative team has gifted Walking Dead fans with the opportunity to be truly immersed into the world of the Walking Dead in an experience that's worth every moment in line.

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