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Pure Imagination: Interview with Bar Chef Matthew Biancianello

Updated: Aug 9, 2019

Cocktail Chef, Matthew Biancaniello's passion for his craft is intoxicating before you even sip one of his masterful creations. This week we won the Golden Ticket as Biancaniello, described as Willy Wonka meets Leonardo Da Vinci, invited us into his world of pure imagination.

Formerly of the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel’s Library Bar, Biancaniello, with only six year's of self-taught bartending under his belt, has become a leader in crafting cocktails based on farm-fresh organic foods. Master Chef's worldwide flock to his side to partake in one of his exciting pop up events. We found him in Los Angeles at Sweet Rose Creamery on Beverly Boulevard teaming up with Chef Shiho Yoshikawa for Infusion Pop Up. Biancaniello took some time out from prepping his booze inspired flavors to chat with us about his treks foraging for rare flowers, and his quest for the calcium deposits from a whale's blow hole--he might be the most fascinating guy in the world. And absolutely the nicest.

Sake Kombu Nori white balsamic Negroni with pickled mustard seeds and bronze fennel

Scotch Dashi/Wasabi ice cream with a Homemade Pimms, blueberry juice reduction, roasted corn and white borage.

Matthew Biancaniello with Chef Shiho Yoshikawa Sweet Rose Creamery Infusion Pop Up for National Ice Cream Day!

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