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Emails from the Road: The Road to Rock Springs (Part 5)

Updated: Aug 9, 2019

Its our last night in Wyoming and on the trip as well. Our living quarters have taken an extreme fall from grace. See enclosed view from our hotel window of the trucks on the highway. Pretty. Actually the hotel is quite comfortable and Rock Springs appears to be a stop off for tourists and truckers. We dined with said truckers this evening at a recommended local spot called the Outlaw Inn. It was pretty interesting. We ate our dinner at the bar alongside four truckers. The bartender was an older women who clearly has enjoyed 4 packs of smokes a day for 40 years. One trucker kindly bought everyone a round of drinks, whiskey and beer. I think they all thought I was a recovering alcoholic cause I had been drinking diet coke, and so they refrained from offering me a shot. One of the other truckers was en route to the Pacific Northwest from Austin Texas. He chatted with us about crime rates in LA and commented on how nobody messes around in Texas cause they have a "Conveyer belt fast pass" to execution carrying out the sentence after only 60 days on death row (is that true???) The bartender quickly added her two cents "I wish more states would have that. I really do."

What planet are we on??? Wow. And yikes. We left shortly after. The food was pretty sub par which has been the norm on this trip. Am I an enormous snob or is it that what we think tastes disgusting, America loves? Maybe so.

Oddly and happily everything is so clean in Wyoming. Every restaurant, restroom, rest stop no matter where or what it is. Its actually become quite funny but a welcome comfort. We have a running joke about how if the car breaks down we will have many lovely outhouses to bunk in. Kidding. Car is fine.

The drive here was absolutely breathtaking. See pics. We drove through the Wind River Reservation where the rocks apparently have stood since the Precambrian Period 2.7 billion years ago. I think I'll send the pic of the geology chart to some creationists.

The terrain changed often going from canyons to rolling hills of tall trees to reservoirs and giant mountains and creeks to wide open fields that looked exactly like central California. It rained off and on which was nice but the wind got up to 40 miles an hour which was scary at times.

Tomorrow we will rise early, eat the hotels continental breakfast and head back to Salt Lake which is but 2.5 hours away. Our flight is at 540pm Mountain Time so we should arrive back in LA around 630/7 Pacific Time.

Its been an incredible adventure seeing parts of this country that you truly have to see to grasp the magnitude of the beauty and scale. I'm so glad to have seen it and experienced some more of, This Land is Your Land...this land is our land.

I will get in touch when I'm safely back home with two fat kitties who will be very happy to see me.

Much love,


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