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Emails from the Road: A Town Called Cody (Part 4)

Updated: Aug 9, 2019

We arrived in Cody about 6:30pm MT. And ended up eating at an Irish pub. Hey everywhere in the world...there's an Irish pub. Never gone wrong yet. And it was the best meal we've had all trip. The food situation has been challenging. Mostly in Jackson because the spread between the bottom and top is huge. No middle ground. So this was a nice change.

Cody is pretty chill and everyone is very friendly. But boy do they love their guns. See pictures in gallery of T-shirt "I Plead the 2nd" yikes!

We stumbled upon a gun museum that was actually really interesting. This couple from Canada moved to Wyoming with their 30+ year revolutionary, civil, WWI &II wars collection. And it was incredibly cool. They did all the carpentry work on the displays and they had over 1000 antique artifacts and guns. It was surprisingly intriguing.

So now we have been wandering the streets of downtown Cody just puttin around the shops and getting peppermint stick ice cream, yum! Tomorrow we will go to the Buffalo Bill Museum. They love Buffalo Bill up here. He is the star of every souvenir shop in town.

Our hotel is a bit out of town but quick drive and parking is plentiful. Its a much nicer place then we have stayed in thus far which is particularly welcome toward the end of a trip. Amenities and comfort, yes please!


Today we went to Buffalo Bill's Center for the West. What a fanatastic museum! We had so much fun. I can't get over how many places have signs on the door asking people to check their firearms. Note the pictures from their firearms section and lots of stuffed animals. Not the gift shop kind. Guessing taxidermy is a booming industry here.

We had an odd breakfast experience in Cody. Ww were advised to go to a locals diner. When we got their they gave us the "tourist treatment". They made us wait to sit and then when we did, about four other tables who were seated well after us got their food first. It felt very deliberate. Perhaps I shouldn't have worn my Harvard sweatshirt. But the food was awesome. So we are thinking of going back tomorrow wearing different clothes. Maybe I should show my tattoos. Sorry mum. Though despite the cold shoulder it was kinda part of the flavor of the experience so we were okay with it. And the food was really good.

Its pouring rain so we may not be able to go to the rodeo. But we have an epic back up plan. The local community theatre group is staging a production of The Music Man. Their lead actor, and Director/Choreography's name is Wade French. Does this sound like anything you know...Waiting for Guffman maybe? Oh yeah. There's even a married couple in the cast who appears in all the productions as well as a necomer who is the town dentist. I am not making this up. Secretly I'm rooting for the rain to continue.


Well the rodeo was rained out. Bummer. And The Music Man was sold out! But we got their long enough to enjoy the spectacle of it. It was literally Waiting for Guffman. In walking around downtown to find a place to eat, stumbled upon a rather curious sign in front of a cupcake shop. click here

More pictures in the Picture Gallery - a beautiful rainbow after the rain over Cody. The rodeo parking lot where we waited to find out if it was going to open and witnessed a bizarre impromptu fight between a local women and a man and his wife over the safety of the livestock vs the cowboys. Fists almost flew. It was insane. She was a big women. I don't think I coulda taken her. Maybe Jake. But she was angry and looking to rumble.

We ended up eating at a bad, weird pizza place (see pic of hanging Hawaiin signs) that was Hawaiian themed with no apparent tie in to Hawaii. It was strange and screaming out for a Gordon Ramsay Kitchen Nightmares makeover. I may submit it.

Tomorrow we leave for Rock Springs. We are getting toward the end of this rodeo. And I think we are both ready to go home. I miss my fat kitties and Santa Monica. Particularly the food! But it has been a marvelous adventure.

I will send a final email from our last destination. Until then goodnite from Cody!


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Picture Gallery - Cody

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