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Emails From the Road: The Road to Jackson, WY (Part 2)

Updated: Aug 9, 2019

Drove through Idaho today en route to Wyoming. Very pretty country. Had an interesting stop off at the Monsanto plant. We were actually told about it as if it were a tourist destination. "And on your way through Soda Springs you'll see the Monsanto plant and you can stop and take photographs." Well, we did. Mostly because it was such a foul disruption of beauty. In the middle of this gorgous country there's the phosphate plant in all it's industrial glory. And there's a natural spring right nearby. We skipped out on tasting that water.

As we continued on into Wyoming we noticed an abrupt change in the landscape. It went from, "Wow this is pretty" to "Holy shit this is magnificant!" Wyoming's natural architecture is spectacular. I've never seen anyting like it. Our first stop was in Ezra at Cafe Etc where we got homemade pumpkin bread and extremely tasty lattes at their general store.

Onward to Jackson! As we got closer to Jackson, it started to look familiar. Probably because I had been to so many ski/mountain resort towns before--not to negate the beauty of the surroundings, it just looked similar to others.

The town itself is quaint, has that old west look with an upscale feel. It was jam packed with tourists and the shops were ridiculously expensive. Our motel is cute and walking distance to town. We have a little cabin that's sort of comfortable. Though at night I keep wondering if we will be visited by large furry, clawed friends because the door doesn't close sufficiently and the walls are pretty rinky tink.

The food situation has been a bummer. We keeping having crap, overly expensive meals. There doesn't seem to be a good in between in Jackson. It's either crazy expensive fine dining, or overpriced crap, or fast food. We found the Cowboy Coffe Co. which has served as our refuge thus far.

Haven't checked out the local bars but there's definitely a lot of fun activities going on in town, including a very cheesy re-enactment of a an old west gunfight in town center. It looks like the cast escaped from a cruise ship. There's a crowd of people surrounding the action, yet nobody is making a sound except the performers. It's eery. Crickets. Total crickets. Not even a clap or a woo hoo! Still, kind of a funny sight as there's not much to do in town.

Tomorrow we drive!

Until next I write. Much love.


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