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Emails from the Road: Wild Wild West Trip, Idaho (Part 1)

Updated: Aug 9, 2019

So we're hanging here in Idaho...(sung to the tune of Billy Joel's Allentown) the enclosed pics represent the entire town of Lava Hot Springs. You know that scene in My Cousin Vinny when the train comes through at 4:30am and wakes them up. We now know their pain. Oh yeah. There's a train that goes along the mountain behind our hotel and right behind our room. This one goes through at 2/3 and 4! Woot woot! Fun times.

Actually its been kitchy fun. Though we had a horrible dinner last night. We went on yelp and trip advisor and researched some places to eat and found this one here in LHS that had 5 stars across the board out of 150 ratings. Shoulda suspected monkey business. All 5 stars. But we went expecting an amazing culinary experience (as one reviewer put it) and got a crappy rip off instead. What a bummer.

By stroke of luck, our car rental company messed up our order and had to upgrade us for free. So we've been driving around in a swanky black Brand new Chevy Impala. (Hope its not one of the cars GM recalled.) Its super luxurious however it sticks out a bit (pic enclosed). We feel a bit like...HERE COMES HOLLYWOOD BITCHES! But so far nobody has made fun of us.

The firearms container (enclosed) appears to be everywhere in the wild west. This one was in front of the Bird Refuge in Utah but it followed us to Idaho. Scary much? Not familiar with the concealed weapons laws in Idaho or Utah. Just a guess, but thinking they might be in favor of carrying them. Scary. Where's Piers Morgan when you need him?

Today we will head up through Soda Springs, Idaho where apparently we can see the Monsanto plant - you know the evil Food Inc. Corporation that's basically responsible for our sinister mass farming industry and has more lobbying money than the Koch's? Why we would want to see that is a mystery but the locals seem to think its a tourist attraction. There's also apparently the worlds only man made geyser. Wow! ???

Our ultimate destination is Jackson Wyoming. I will report back with more fun facts and photos from our journey.

Until then...lots of love!


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