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Sarah Mason

Film Traveler

I love movies! I have spent my career working in every aspect of the film industry from production to marketing to film festival directing, Working with fan conventions around the world I discovered the untapped power of film tourism; visiting a destination because it was featured in a film or tv series. Film Travelers was born out of my love for both film and travel and my desire to help grow economies and increase tourism through the movies.

My work is typically done through digital marketing and content strategy, virtual and live events, partnerships and coalition building designed to create revenue streams and longterm economic development plans.


For over 25 years Ihave used my written and personal communication super powers to build long-term partnerships, create fantastic immersive storytelling experiences that promote brands and increase revenue for technology and entertainment companies worldwide. 

My global experience includes working with cross-functional teams in North America, EMEA and APAC and working with top corporate brands like Canon, Sony, Apple, Adobe, Samsung, Warner Bros and Disney. My experience includes developing AI travel apps for mapping filming locations across the USA and the UK.

I have been a featured panelist at San Diego Comic-Con and other conventions and a guest lecturer at The American Film Institute (AFI) and for Boston University speaking on the impact of film tourism and digital storytelling.

Sarah E. Mason
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